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Physical Security Risk Assessments

In an era when shootings and terrorist attacks seem to make news headlines daily, you may have wondered if there are steps you could take to improve the safety and security of your organization.  A Physical Security Risk Assessment can reveal what safety risks your business faces and what you and your employees can do to prevent them.  Our Physical Security Risk Assessments involve the following four elements.

Free Consultation

Our dedicated team of security experts is committed to understanding and meeting the security needs of your healthcare facility. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation about our services and how our security risk assessments can benefit your organization.

Comprehensive On-Site Assessment

Our security professionals take a systematic approach to the process of evaluating the potential risks and recognized threats to the safety and security of your workplace environment. With backgrounds in law enforcement and healthcare security, we use our specialized knowledge and skill, combined with the most up-to-date industry best practices, to guide our security risk assessments.

Results and Recommendations

We sit down with you to discuss our assessment, areas of risk, and potential physical security gaps.  We incorporate a SWOT Analysis to reveal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  We proactively pave a pathway of recommendations to enhance your facility’s preparedness and overall security and safety. We assist with new policy development to smoothly integrate with our recommendations.

Detailed Deliverable

A confidential, comprehensive document will be provided along with an interactive feedback presentation for your executive management team. The Physical Security Risk Assessment document provides detailed information about your organization which can be used to facilitate the completion of your Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) and your Security Management Plan (SMP), required by the Joint Commission.

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